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Street Cats Rescue

We are a small not for profit organisation in Conil de la Frontera at the Costa de la Luz, Spain. Our aim is to help reduce the stray cat population in the local area.  


About Street Cats Rescue

What We Do

Street Cats Rescue is located in Conil, at the Costa de la Luz. We are a small group of cat lovers working incessantly to improve the live of the local cat population in Conil and the surrounding area. Our aim is to reduce the number of stray kittens and cats. With the help of our volunteers and supported by the generosity of our donors, we are trying to achieve this by using a threefold approach:

Trapping & Neutering

  • Trapping, neutering and releasing stray cats and kittens.
  • Lending traps and training on how to use them – subject to availability.
  • Providing access to reduced vet services at AgroConil in El Colorado.

Cat Colonies

  • Looking after cat colonies: providing food, water and medical treatment.
  • Organising and paying for the treatment of injured street cats.
  • Helping those who look after cat colonies with reduced vet bills, loaned traps and advice.


  • Taking in, looking after and raising abandoned kittens.
  • Re-homing abandoned kittens and cats if possible – locally or internationally.
  • Cooperating with local and Northern European animal protection services for international adoptions.

Our GoFundMe Campaign

In February 2020 we started a neutering program in various cat colonies in the area to avoid unnecessary suffering and break the vicious cycle that repeats every year with kittens born on the street and little hope of survival. To fund this work we launched a GoFundMe Campaign with the following pledge:

By the end of April 2020, we want to have 40-50 cats neutered. 

To pay for this we aim to raise 3000€. 

We managed to fullfill our side of the pledge: more than 50 cats and kittens neutered by the end of June – a small delay caused by the nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19. Until we receive more donations we are unfortunately unable to continue with this important work.


So please share with friends and families. 

Our Mission


  • Improving the life of the stray kittens and cats population in Conil and surrounding area.
  • Re-homing abandoned kittens to safe and appropriate homes.
  • Retaining our ‘no-kill’ policy unless under the advice of vets.
  • Building a network of Northern European contacts for the adoption of cats & kittens.
  • Encouraging volunteers from the wider area.
  • Educating the community about animal welfare and the benefits of neutering.


Adopt a kitten

Our Adoption Program

Where do the kittens come from?

Every year Street Cats Rescue is contacted by locals and tourists alike, who have found an abandoned kitten or have been feeding a mother cat with their litter of kittens, and for various reasons can no longer look after them. Each story is different and often heart breaking, with 5 day old kittens rescued from rubbish bins.

We take in these little furries, feed them, look after them and make sure they can grow up into healthy cats. If everything goes well, at the age of 4-5 months they are ready to be adopted.

Consequently we continuously have plenty of adorable kittens and cats in need of good homes with lots of love.

For adoptions to Germany please check out
Street Cats – Adoptions 

Vaccinations and Neutering

All our kittens and cats are neutered, have two Trivalente vaccinations against the most common diseases [Feline panleukopenia (FPV or FPLV), Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FHV, aka herpes virus), Feline calicivirus (FCV)], as well as the obligatory rabies vaccinations. Furthermore they are tested for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

We cooperate with AgroConil, a veterinary clinic in El Colorado, who offer us a discounted rate for all medical treatments and care.


Costs of Preparing a Kitten for Adoption

Getting a kitten ready for adoption costs about 130€ for a male and 150€ for a female cat. This amount only covers the vaccinations and neutering and does not include food, litter and additional medical bills.

Adoption Contribution

To cover some of our expenses, we ask for a contribution for each adopted kitten or cat.

For local adoptions this contribution is 50€ – 100€ depending on financial ability. We can also offer payment in installments. For international adoptions the amount is 170€  which takes into account the additional transport costs.


Home Check & Contract

To make sure our kittens will have a good home we also do a home check before we agree to the adoptions. Furthermore we have a contract that we sign with the new owner to ensure they are aware how to appropriately care for a kitten.

Some of our Kittens

… who are urgently waiting for adoption…

BLINKY (f) | tabby | 08/04/19

Found at the beach with severe eye infection Blinky has developed into a very calm, cuddly kitten, who is happy on her own but equally well gets along with other cats.

Mango (f) | white ginger | 17/07/19

Mango and her brother Fanta were found in a rubbish bin. In the beginning she was a bit shy and suspicous, but slowly she is turning into a cuddly and playful little kitten.

We are regularly updating this section, adding more kittens… so please come back soon.


Or if you are interested in adopting a kitten, you can also send us an email to tell us what you are looking for (e.g. age, sex, colour)…

Getting Involved


Our work depends on the generous support of Volunteers


For our various services and jobs Street Cats Rescue offers, we are always in need of volunteers – be it locally in the Conil/Chiclana area or internationally for help with our adoption program. The number of requests for help are often overwhelming, and we can always need an extra pair of hand.

These are just some areas where volunteers play a vital role:

Foster Care

At peak times we have up to 40 kittens in our care. Whilst these kittens as well as the adult cats, who are with us, are waiting for a new home, we’re grateful for short term foster carers.

Especially some of the little ones, who were found abondoned, need more human contact and TLC than we or our volunteers often have time for.

We will provide all that is needed to look after our kittens, like litter trays, beds, blankets and toys. Furthermore we will cover all expenses for food, litter and – if necessary – medical care. The appointments for the necessary vaccinations and neutering are made in coordination with you.

If you’re interested in either short or even long term foster care for one or several of our kittens, please contact us.

Cat Colony Helpers

Street Cats Rescue is looking after two cat colonies, one at the Paseo Maritimo in Conil, and one in the Pinares de Roche. Feeding the cats and kittens at these two colonies every day is quite a task.

Even helping just once a week with one of our colonies would make a huge difference.

All you need to do is refill the feeders and water bowls, and just check that everything is ok. It only takes a little while.

Think you’re up for it?


Often we are contacted by locals or tourists who know about or are feeding some cats in their neighbourhood and are concerned about the number of kittens and new cats appearing each year.

Many of these little felines are already too used to living on the street and cannot be homed.

Nevertheless, we can help these little fellows having a better life by trapping and neutering them and hence keeping the numbers down and giving them better chances to find food and shelter.

As we are often too busy just looking after the kittens in our care, we would be very grateful for any help with trapping cats and kittens and taking them to the vet for neutering.

Street Cats Rescue provides the necessary training, traps, food and arranges the appointments at the vet.

Vet Visits

With neutering, vaccination and the medical care for our cats and kittens being a major part of what we do, we have to visit the vet a lot. Some visits are fairly straight forward and quick, for example the vaccinations and final check ups before a journey.

If you have a car, a drivers licence and some spare time, we’d love a hand in picking up and dropping off kittens and cats who need to go to the vet.

Street Cats Rescue colaborates with AgroConil in El Colorado. Almost all of our vet appointments are at that clinic.

We can arrange appointments that suit your schedule and there is no ongoing commitment. Even the occasional visit or pick up after surgery is helping us out a lot.


Street Cats Rescue relies on donations and the wonderful generosity of other cat lovers to keep going.

If you have any experience in fundraising  or can simply provide an extra set of hands in this area we’d be hugely appreciative – even being a great baker and making some cakes for our regular markets would help us a lot.



Like any organisation, we too have to keep an eye on our books. If you can help us out with anything administration-related, we’d love your expertise.

No time to volunteer?

Other Ways to Help

Sponsor a cat

Not all of our cats and kittens are tame or already adore human attention. Some are much shier, happier keeping to themselves. This of course means they can’t be adopted (yet), but still need looking after.

You can help by sponsoring one or more of these fantastic felines for just 4€ a month!

The monthly payment will go towards paying for food, medication and anything else needed to keep them happy and healthy.

Sponsorship Options

Be a ‘Flugpate’

For our international adoptions, we are always looking for ‘Flugpaten’. This is a German term and describes a person who takes a pet on their flight – either in the cabin or in the hold (i.e. an animal travel companion).

If you are living or holidaying in Conil or surroundings and have a flight booked to the Germany, the Netherlands or another Northern European country, you can help us by taking one of our adopted kittens or adult cats with you on your trip.

We organise everything for you

Street Cats Rescue will make the booking for the cat and pay for the additional transport costs. The only thing you need to do is check in with the cat.

When you arrive at your home airport the new owner, a representative of another NGO or a foster carer will be waiting for you and take the cat off you.

Our Fundraising Events

Regular Events



usually every 1st Saturday of the month
10:00 – 13:00 | outside AgroConil in El Colorado

Next Markets:

7 November 2020


usually every 1st Thursday of the month
19:30-22:30 | Venta El Florin, Chiclana | 5€ pp

Next Quiz Night:

5 November 2020

In addition to these regular events, we also have the occasional special fundraiser, like:


Saturday 21 Nov 2020, 11:00 – 14:30

Restaurante Al Fresco, El Colorado

 🧺 Christmas Hamper draw 🍰 cakes 📚 books 💍 jewellery 👗 clothes 🥂 bar 🥘 food
❗️and much more…

For updates on our upcoming events (date, time, venue), sign up to our Newletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or check out the My Cadiz Website.

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